Envisioned as a diner out in the Wild, Wild, West, the brand identity was born as a reflection of your dining experience - explosive flavour,’ bang’ for your buck, and occasionally, a showdown at high noon.

crispy wings
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At a $1 a wing, we wanted to create a presence that is playful and disruptive without leaning on its budget offering. With the competitiveness of a Singapore Kopitiam in mind, we designed the brand world around 3 key assets - our chicken mascot, our western-inspired pattern, and our unreal orange.

While the brand world was designed as a whole, we wanted each asset to also have legs (or the guns) to fight their own battle - whether its at the store, at home, or from a screen.

Since its epic launch, Crispy Wings has been causing a sensation across social media - customers can't resist taking flight on this irresistible wing journey that keeps their taste buds soaring!