“Our Migrant Brothers arevery receptive to help, but their pride gets hurt when we keep giving them [handouts].” - Volunteer, NGO

To protect the safety and health of migrant workers, we needed to develop a digital campaign that was clear, memorable and empowering.

workplace safety and health
digital media campaign

In order to appeal to an audience group across different media consumption habits, languages, literacy levels and experiences, we knew that consistency and cohesiveness would be key. We developed a mascot, inspired by the migrant worker himself, that became the anchor for our digital media campaign and honouring them at core of what we do.

Our brother mascot then lived across different good (and bad) scenarios , sometimes as himself, and other times as his stickman counterpart, all with 1 goal - to keep his friends safe and out of danger.

The project also gave us the amazing opportunity to involve and connect with the community. We collaborated with their community leaders and produced a series of ‘influencer’ videos to educate, entertain and empower our brothers to stay safe for themselves and their families back home.